Self-Build for the Perfect Phuket Home

Self-Build for the Perfect Phuket Home

Many people have invested in Phuket land, built their own property and created a valuable and unique home.

Thai’s are passionate about construction so there is plenty of talent available to carry out building works. Building costs are relatively cheap and there are a great many choices for building materials of all sorts of qualities. Some exotic materials like marble and hardwood are more readily available than in the west so a designer can add some very distinctive features using these kinds of materials that are often too expensive elsewhere.

On the finishing side Thailand has a wealth of skilled craftsmen that can produce fantastic pieces of custom furnishings and accessories made with local materials.  

Being able to design the property precisely to your own needs is one of the most important aspects of having a custom built property. Freedom to select your own piece of land in just the right location is also a key benefit. Purchasers may be able to find the ideal ready-made condo or villa but perhaps the location is not quite perfect. At least if the land is acquired first then the custom designed house can be built later.

As a rough guide you can expect to save around 30% of the total cost if you decide to build your own home, but this is in no way a guarantee. Consider that construction budgets commonly overrun and sharp eyes need to be kept on each and every stage of the project. Things like warranties and building standards in Thailand are unlikely to meet the expectations of most foreign builders. It is crucial therefore that a reliable contractor be diligently selected.  

You will want to find land that is accessed by a good road and that the area can be easily connected to local amenities such as telephone lines, electric, broad band internet and water. It would be a good idea to keep some on-site water storage facilities to ensure a round the clock water supply.

Undertaking the challenge to build your own house on specially selected land can create a property with good long-term financial gains.

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