Phuket Long Term Rentals

It is evident that today renting apartments or villas abroad has much more undeniable advantages than renting rooms in hotels. Especially when it comes to long term rentals in Phuket.

There is a great selection of convenient, comfortable, luxury properties with or without a private pool and beautiful garden, it depends on your private tastes, preferences and budget. 

Must know that if you have decided to rent dwelling for a long period in Phuket, you are obliged to pay one-month rental fee in advance and security deposit payment. Usually every owners of long term property demand two-month rental amount, and it is paid back in the end of rental period if there is no any property damage.

Also there is a consistent pattern in long term rentals on the sunny island. It is the longer your rental period the cheaper monthly rate you can get. Moreover, rental prices are 15-30% lower if tenants are ready to pay the full rental amount (6-month or 1-year payment in advance).

Don’t forget to sign the long term rental agreement with the confirmed rental rates, the landlord’s and tenant’s duties, and inventory sheets. 

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