Marquis Gardenia Thalang, Phuket


Step into our exclusive villa retreat, a peaceful sanctuary tucked away in the vibrant beauty of Phuket Island.

With only four carefully designed three-level villas, each one is a welcoming haven featuring three expansive bedrooms and a personal pool surrounded by a covered oasis garden—forming the core of every home. We invite you to experience a refined sanctuary that seamlessly blends intimate comfort and tranquil vistas, complemented by a pristine canal gracefully winding alongside.

Immerse yourself in our private haven of calm and luxury, where each villa stands as a meticulously crafted masterpiece of contemporary design infused with a cozy and serene tropical allure.

Every level exudes a distinctive ambiance, guiding you through spacious living areas, opulent bathrooms, and peaceful bedrooms. The private pools take center stage in each villa, offering a secluded oasis for relaxation amid the lush garden landscapes.

1 property