Phenomenon Kata, Phuket

Introducing "Phenomenon" – A Revolutionary Residence in Kata, Phuket

Location: Strategically placed just 300 meters from Kata Beach, one of Phuket's top tourist spots, the Phenomenon complex promises unmatched convenience and breathtaking views. Surrounded by vibrant tourist infrastructure, this prime location ensures high demand for rentals and exceptional investment returns.

Project Plan: Phenomenon comprises 8 condominiums, 27 townhouses, and a hotel building, totaling 390 units. Each element is meticulously designed to maximize aesthetics and functionality, with attention to pedestrian-friendly spaces and barrier-free environments.

Architecture: The project seamlessly integrates with Phuket's natural landscape, featuring unique building shapes and inner courtyards. Inspired by European hillside villages, the tiered construction ensures panoramic views and aesthetic harmony.

Common Spaces: Public areas emphasize community and nature integration, providing serene corners for socializing. Rooftop pools offer stunning vistas and convenient amenities, enhancing the resident experience.

Apartments: Divided into studio and two-bedroom options, Phenomenon's apartments boast innovative layouts, bay windows for ample natural light, and privacy-focused balcony designs.

Interior: The interior continues the project's theme of minimalism and functionality, accentuated by bay windows and breathtaking views. Apartments come fully furnished, ensuring comfort for short or long-term stays.

Sales and Ownership: Apartments are available for purchase through Intermark Global, offering freehold or leasehold ownership to citizens worldwide. Payment options are flexible, including international bank transfers and cash payments.

Development: Led by the Common Practice bureau and Ilya Varlamov, Phenomenon promises exceptional quality and innovation in both construction and management. Varlamov's expertise ensures the project's success, supported by regular updates through a dedicated YouTube channel.

Investment Opportunities: Phenomenon offers two income programs for owners, including fixed income and rental pool options. These programs provide avenues for passive income while ensuring maximum flexibility for owners.

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