Balco Bangtao Beach, Phuket

BALCONE, inspired by the picturesque balconies of Venice, reflects the essence of urbanization and modern living.
The balconies, symbolizing a harmonious blend of privacy and community, offer free spaces for various activities like dining, relaxing, and socializing.
This concept is further embodied in BALCO, a seaside villa in Phuket, seamlessly connecting with the Andaman Pearl and a world-class resort city.

BALCO's design integrates the symbolic balcony with Modern Bali elements, creating a tranquil retreat.
The connection between the house, balcony, and rooftop allows the sea breeze to flow through, enhancing the vacation experience.
The design features functional spaces catering to continuous and seamless living, fostering relaxation and promoting a comfortable lifestyle.

From the unique context of the Balcony, BALCO embodies a lifestyle anchored in the sea breeze, offering both outdoor and semi-outdoor wind reception.
Rooted in the concept of Modern Bali, this luxurious villa harmonizes with Bang Tao, renowned for its breathtaking sunsets and quiet luxury.
Situated within the grand "Origin Resort World Phuket," BALCO invites residents to experience barefoot luxury in the heart of Bangtao, Phuket's longest and most captivating sunset beach.

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